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About Us

When my boys were small they asked for a blue doctoring chute for Christmas. After looking long and hard I found nothing -- so I made one. Next, I had to make a 1/2 tub and snake with a load out chute to go with it and that was the beginning of the happy toy maker.

Since then I have made them round bale trailers that dump 14 wood round bales, straight deck cattle trailer, quonset barn with swinging doors, portable corrals, personalized beds with cut outs on the top, and branding irons with their names.

Since the boys have grown older they have started to help making the toys for neighbors by running the band saw to cut out metal and running the computerized plasma torch to personalize the chutes. They also help design the pickup, trailers, semi trucks and straight deck cattle trailers so they can personalize each one. Wesley and Wyatt also like to go to the trade shows to show off and demonstrate their toys. They also enjoy roping calves and playing football and basketball.

The Happy Toy Maker designs and builds western toys that are as rugged and durable as the kids who play with them. These toys are made of STEEL -- designed to last a lifetime and more. The craftmanship and attention to detail are unmatched by other toys. In a time where things seem to be disposable and low quality, the Happy Toy Maker breaks the mold and builds a quality toy built with pride. All toys are hand-made in HAPPY, TEXAS!